The Daily Oblivion (2:43)

Since Squeaky's gun jammed
On the day I was born
I've been bracing for more
I've been waiting for more

Greatness can't await
This form surely ensured
Yet its brain still entertained
An epic tragedy in store
If you said it
I'd dread it
But don't fret it
I get it in
The Daily Oblivion

Its blank pages break the news
To a more digestible form
Each day the last's erased
Global calm is restored
I lost the will to die
And with it any allure
When you're just your illness
You're murdered by its cure
If you said it
I get it
To my credit
I read it in
The Daily Oblivion

Above the fold
Beneath contempt
Back when I bled It led:
"City to Boy: Drop Dead"
So, Good Morning, Daily Oblivion!

(I'm not waiting anymore)