My Gray World (2:50)

What became of the child with the crooked smile?
Has he gone and made a fortune of his own?
Did he make amends for his aimless friends?
Has he earned his fatherís place upon the throne?
Did he accept the present that we left him
Or refuse it for the future thatís assured
Oh if only we would just let him direct it?
Did he look at all weíd done and asked for more
Than my gray world?

What became of the boy with the broken toy?
Did he ever get it together again?
Did its pieces meet unexpectedly
Far better than its creator intended?
Were the parts for perfection here before us
But invisible to our jaundiced eyes?
Is it risible to solo in a chorus?
Did it never dawn on us to even try
In my gray world?

Wonít we be surprised?
Youíd never let us!
Keep your teachers apprised
Donít forget us
Donít forget us
Unless you were right

Have you come back to trumpet your importance
And reflect a little glory where itís due?
And if youíre thinking about slinking back in silence
Weíve set a seat beside us just for you
In our gray world.