Monsters of the Gowanus (3:04)

Monsters, come out
From under the bridge
Monsters, you're of use
Now all is forgiven
The torches and pitchforks
Are garlands and bouquets
Monsters, we come back to you

And if we pardon you for this
Even we can get away with it
Recenter the mean until we agree
We believe the fight was even
The reasons are no less true
But they're just less new
And they want to fight
More than we want to be right

As Lady Evil said to Patient Zero
(and to Fifteen, and Fifty, and so on):
"A patient evil always beats a lazy good
And good is always lazy
You'll come back to me

And if you pardon me for this
Even you can get away with it
And I will fight
More than you want to be right"

The Monsters of the Gowanus
The Monsters of the Gowanus
Are still monsters