If I went in half hearted
Well that's all I had to give
You were waiting on the shore
With your genes unzipped
Soaking and shivering
And barely living
When I carried you onboard
To dote upon
Well so long

I put my ear to your heart
All I could hear was the ocean
I put my ear to your head
And was nauseous from the motion
Tied to the rigging
You weren't forgiving
When you found yourself alive
Was I wrong?
Well so long

You pointed to the port
And who was I to argue?
You cried while getting off:
'Oh well we'll both forget tomorrow'

I guess you were half right
But didn't stay to prove your theorem
That we'll never lie together
Outside of a mausoleum
I'd pulled too closely
And tore my hull free
Now my burial at sea
Is foregone
Well so long