Giantess (2:40)

iím mesmerized by
your advertisements
for a better way to live
iíd give anything
to join you had i
anything to give

your pictures on my wall
make me feel awfully small
so would you mind if i call you

i have followed your adventures, Giantess
would you care for an indentured servant
who will service you at your request

put me in your shopping cart, Giantess
you can push me around the market
you can put me in your pocket
or just leave me in a locket
that is resting pleasantly
upon your chest

i am drawn toward
every billboard
where youíre the product being sold
to the lovelorn
even on platforms
where the trains no longer go

iím prepared to grow old
standing in your shadow
and so may i propose

our size defies convention, Giantess
though in opposite direction
and with every passing moment
i am less

we know you could do better Giantess
and it neednít last forever
but it would be my pleasure
if we could get together
thereís a room available
in my complex

if you donít want a bosom buddy, Giantess
would you just submit to study
by a willing Lilliputian scientist

this is one for the ages, Giantess
stuck in the oral stages and
the world can go to blazes
if you pacify my crazes
with a reassuring phrase
and just a kiss