Battle Hymn of the Romantic (2:37)

They're marching as if off to war
In lockstep and ever-so-sure
That life and limb are all that can be lost
With no regard for the human cost
The hopeless and tempest-tossed
Are trampling hearts
Where the sour grapes are stored
"Oh! Send them to me!"

And oh the bloody trail that's left behind
"Darling, we can live together
And together we can die"

New verse to the old song and dance
Your hook's so catchy even you get snagged
"We're wounded identically
So let's be Team Misery!"
Tomorrow's foes are today's allies
So try their futures on for size
And why do what's right when you can just apologize?

And oh the maddened crowd left far behind
"Darling, we will live together
And together we will die"

For you only know the truth value
Of your words when they're repeated back to you
Now how to dispose of yet another unworthy fool?
"I deny your suffering!
Your fight isn't mine!"

So add star to your oblong cloth
Another skull to your fuselage
'Cause bragging rights always trump moral wrongs
For boys queued at your golden door
It's hard to believe each of these
Was a human being.

And oh, the salted fields you leave behind
"Darling, we can't live together
Cause together I'd just die"
It's death by a thousand cuts
Where one was more than enough!
Then off she goes!
She's gone forever!
The lie is marching on!